January 27, 2013

This image is a composite of 26 images. First, I arrived at Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas, on October 8th one of the two nights the Draconid Meteor shower was supposed to be at peak). I took several shots at f/14 after sunset but before dark so I could use these images as the foreground. After dark, I switched the aperture to f/2.8 and set the automatic shutter to take 30 second exposures until the battery ran out. Over the course of ~ 500 exposures, I was able to capture many “shooting stars” – the trails of Draconid meteors. ..Back home, I tediously went through each image and extracted the best images to use -those with the biggest and most colorful meteors. I then stacked these Draconids in layers, rotated them to match the correct position of the stars to match the earth’s rotation over 4hours, and blended them back in using a series of Photoshop tools…I planned this shot for several months, then waited and hoped for a clear night. The moonless night helped the stars show up, as well. ..The postprocessing on this image of Pennybacker Bridge underneath the Draconids took several weeks before finally producing this image.

Night of the Draconids over Pennybacker Bridge near Austin, Texas

Night of the Draconids over Pennybacker Bridge near Austin, Texas


Austin New Year's Fireworks

The fog was low and it rained all day in Austin on December 31, 2012. I didn’t have much hope when I left my house to photograph the fireworks. I knew the roof I was shooting from was 24 stories high and I was afraid I’d be immersed in a cloud. When I arrived, however, the fog lifted for about an hour or so.

This image is of downtown Austin for the New Year’s celebration 2013. The Austonian is the tallest buliding with the blue lights on top. To its left is the 360 Condos (with the spier on the top left. Across the river under the fireworks is the Hyatt. The bridges are Congress and 1st Street. The fireworks were shot across Ladybird Lake from Auditorium Shores.

Shortly after I returned to my car, the rains came again. It was a good night!