The Austin Skyline from the Zilker Clubhouse

February 10, 2013

Everyonce in a while, you stumble across something good that was in front of you the entire time. I’ve been photographing Austin and its skyline for a while now, but I’d never visited the Zilker Clubhouse. I knew generally where it was, but for whatever reason, I’d never been there. Well, before sunrise last Saturday, I was on my way downtown to photograph the Hippie Opera and the Taco Express. I was running pretty early (yes, I’m an early bird) so I decided to stop by and take in the view from the balcony.

Upon arrival, I was impressed. The Missouri-Pacific Highway (MoPac to Austonians) runs in front of the view, and the city skyline is just across the highway. I decided to wait on the trip to the Hippie Opera in South Austin, and take in the sunrise from this location. Unfortunately, although the sky was brilliant orange, there were no dramatic clouds. I captured the scene, enjoyed moment, and returned home. The next morning I returned in hopes there would be some clouds. This is the view I was greeted with… a glorious sunrise over the Austin skyline.

This image is a stitch of several photographs. I also blended in the foreground so it would have some definition.

The Austin Skyline from the Zilker Clubhouse

The Austin Skyline from the Zilker Clubhouse

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