Liz Carpenter Fountain and the Austin Skyline

February 23, 2013

Sometimes you never know what you’ll get when you head out to take some photographs. On this evening I had intended to capture the Austin skyline from the Zilker Clubhouse (which I did) but found myself driving down to Zilker Park well after dark. I had never been to the Liz Carpenter fountain that sits on the south shores of Ladybird Lake, but I figured I would check it out on this cool February evening. To my surprise, there were children playing in the water, and I was wearing long sleeves and a fleece pullover. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe kids just do not have a built in thermometer!

Anyway… I took several images of this particular location with the fountain and the Austin cityscape in background. I was shooting at 100 ISO with ~ 20 second exposures, but the fountains would all turn out a faded light blue color, not the vibrant reds, greens, purples, and pinks I was seeing. I realized all the colors merged together over the course of the exposure, so I had to up the ISO to 500 and make my shoot time less than 5 seconds. I’m glad my 5D3 can pick up the ISO without much noise. So this is one of my favorite images of this fountain with the Austin skyline behind it…

Play in the park at the fountain in front of the Austin Skyline

The Liz Carpenter Fountain in front of the Austin Skyline on a February evening.

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