The Austin Skyline from the best seat in town!

March 9, 2013

I’ve photographed the Austin skyline from many different angles and perspectives… I’ve shot from the ground, from a boat, and from the tops of several high rises including the Austonian, the 360 Condos, the Milago, and the Hyatt. I’ve also photographed in all kinds of weather – even in snow on Pennybacker Bridge!

Last year on a cold morning, I awoke before sunrise and drove downtown to shoot from the Long Center. I arrived well before first light and spent some time exploring. I ended up spending most of my time taking images of Austin near the reflecting pool just west of the Long Center. While there, I noticed a bench that had a wonderful view if you happened to be sitting there. Also, a fog was slowly rolling through the Austin cityscape. I set up and tried to capture my vision – sharing with the viewer the peace of that scene – the Austin skyline with some of the highrises slipping out of the low fog.

I ended up returning here several times. Every morning, and elderly couple came through here – before sunrise – walking their dog. We never spoke, but they smiled, and I smiled, not wanting to disturb their serene time before the rush of life begins.

I also captured some black and white Austin images from this location that I really like. Here, though, is my image of the Austin skyline with a park bench – the best view in Austin!

Austin Cityscape from the best seat in town

This bench has a wonderful view of downtown Austin, Texas, and the Austin skyline. On this morning before sunrise, looking across Lady Bird Lake, a low fog rested among the buildings and architecture of Austin.

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