Austin Skyline December Sunrise

March 13, 2013

One of my favorite places in Austin is the walk along the Zilker Park Hike and Bike Trail. You can find great views of the Austin Skyline, great downtown Austin panoramas, and you can watch the scullers flow by on Ladybird Lake in the early morning hours. There are also swans and ducks bobbing in the cool waters. If you like to run or bike, there are miles of trails to enjoy.
If you enjoy photography, one of the locations I like to visit is at Lou Neff Point. This little part of the rocky shoreline grants a view looking down the river towards downtown Austin. In this image of the Austin skyline, I arrived at Lou Neff Point well before sunrise to figure out what I wanted to do. The clouds were seemingly pretty thick, so I was wondering about my chances for good light and colorful clouds. As the sun started to rise, I was rewarded with some soft oranges and pinks over the Austin cityscape. This image was taken in December, so a chill was definitely in the air – cold for even Austin. I’ve also seen folks doing portraits at this location. You have a great backdrop!
But no matter where you are on the Zilker Park Trail, it seems all the views are pretty good. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

The Austin Skyline from Zilker Park

This image of the Austin skyline was taken from Zilker Park along the hike and bike trail. The morning was cold and crisp and steam was rising from the water.

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