The Dallas Skyline at Night from East of Downtown

March 15, 2013

I grew up about an hour from Dallas and lived there for 30 years. I’ve since gotten married and moved to the hill country to raise a family. I still get back up to north Texas at times to visit my folks, who themselves now live out in the country a few hours from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. When there, I have recently tried my hand at photographing the Dallas Skyline and Fort Worth Skyline from various perspectives.

From the east side of Dallas, this Dallas skyline image was taken about 45 minutes after sunset from an overpass on I-30. Standing on an overpass in Oak Cliff on the east side of Dallas isn’t my idea of a fun evening, but when you can find locations like this for capturing a Dallas skyline image, I’ll try it. I make sure I bring a buddy, and in this case, my dad. We made quick work, parking, running to the overpass, taking some long exposures, then running back to the car where we felt a little more safe. We did have a car slow to a crawl when driving by – windows pitch black. I shudder to think who was behind those windows and I didn’t want to stick around and let them have another pass at us!

This is one of the Dallas cityscape images I escaped with. The Dallas skyline is beautiful at night. Reunion Tower is on the right, the Bank of America Plaza (the green building) is in the middle, and on the far left you can see the new Trinity River Bridge (also called the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge). Reunion Tower is the 5th tallest observatory in the United States.

In the middle of the image, outlined is green, is the tallest building in Dallas, the 72-story Bank of America Plaza. The Bank of America Plaza is, at the time of this posting, the 22nd tallest building in the United States and 3rd tallest in Texas. To the left of the America Plaza is the Renaissance Tower, a 56-story building finished in 1987. Further to the left of the Renaissance Tower and the Bank of America Plaza stands the triangular, 62-floor Fountain Place.

With cars zooming to and from the city in front of me is Interstate 30.

These buildings, along with many others, give the Dallas skyline a classic feel and a sight worthy of viewing.

Thanks for Looking!

From I-30 east of downtown you can find this image of the Dallas Skyline at night.

The Dallas Skyline as seen from Interstate 30 East of Dallas.

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