Guadalupe Mountains National Park – El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak

June 2, 2013

I had the opportunity to leave my comforts of the Texas Hill Country where I spend my time photographing the hills and nearby Austin Skyline, and visited Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a few days and lived off the grid. The drive out to west Texas from my home in Dripping Springs took over 7 hours. Boy Howdy, there isn’t much out there! This was my first time to explore Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and I was struck by how remote and magnificent the area felt. I was fortunate to witness some amazing clouds, both at sunrise and sunset, and only got rained on once.

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I also trekked up Guadalupe and looking down on the state of Texas from the highest point in the state. The 4.3 miles hike (8.6 round trip) was relatively easy, but take lots of liquids. Storm clouds were moving in fast when I was on the summit, so I scampered back down and captured the scene from the bottom of the mountains.

This image shows El Capitan, Texas 8th tallest peak, rising from the Chihuahuan Desert. Behind it, Guadalupe Peak rises to 8,749 feet and is Texas’ tallest peak. I was up well before sunrise to hike to this spot. On the drive and walk to this spot, I never saw another person. The sunrise against the thin clouds and setting moon was amazing, and I was happy just to be there and enjoy this beautiful creation.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park holds El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak, two of Texas' tallest mountains

El Capitan rises from the Chihuahuan Desert, and behind it sits Guadalupe Peak, Texas’ tallest mountain. These iconic peaks make up a portion of the amazing Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

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