Summer Evening and the Austin Skyline

August 17, 2013

The Austin skyline is one of my favorite scenes to shoot, and images from the roof of the Milago are some of my most enjoyable. I’ve developed a good working relationship with the folks there and have enjoyed many memorable evenings from that vantage point. This past New Year’s Eve I was able to capture several nice Austin skyline images with the fireworks over Ladybird Lake (also known as Town Lake).

This month of August, I’d been down there several times to photograph the bats – with only one time successful (that is for another post). This particular evening, the bat show was less than spectacular, but the sunset was amazing. The clouds were then, and when the sun dropped below the horizon the sky lit up with oranges, reds, purples and blues. Really beautiful.

Also in this Austin cityscape picture, you can see some of the more iconic buildings (the Frost Bank Tower notwithstanding). The tallest building on the far right is the Austonian, the tallest building in Austin. I’ve had the good fortune to shoot from their penthouse suite, as well, and that is quite the view. Further west is the 360 Condos and the Springs Condos. Both have great views ,too. Across the river is the Hyatt Austin. It offers a wonderful view of downtown Austin from its highest balconies, but right now there is construction to a new building that leaves a gaping hole in an otherwise nice photo. (I was over there last week to shoot, but didn’t stay. We talked and I’ll be back there in about 6 months when things are looking a bit cleaner).

The Austin skyline is constantly growing, it seems. I took the liberty of photoshopping out a few distracting cranes from this image. Everything else was just beautiful.

Summer evenings with good light can be magical when photographing Austin Skyline Images and Pictures from lofty vantage points.

This is one of my favorite views of downtown Austin and Ladybird Lake (Town Lake). This Austin skyline image was taken on a mild summer evening, and the panorama view from here allows you to take in the Austin cityscape in all directions.
Some of Austin’s highrises are prominently displayed, as well, including the Austonian, the 360 Condos, the Springs Condos, and the Austin Hyatt.
Floating along the river is the Lone Star Riverboat, a small cruise ship that takes tourists and locals on a boat ride along Ladybird Lake.

Thanks for looking!

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