Autumn Colors are showing in the Texas Hill Country

November 17, 2013

As the cold weather moves in across the Texas Hill Country, leaves are beginning to change and yellows and golds are showing up along river banks. I love this time of year, and I enjoy exploring several of the nearby Texas state parks, especially Pedernales Falls State Park. Each November along the banks of the Pedenrales River, the cypress turn from green to a brilliant orange. This year in no exception. I’ve been out there several times in the last few weeks, always hoping for a pretty sunrise or sunset. But more than anything, I just enjoy the colors of the trees and the sounds of the flowing water.

There are several places I like to photograph at this park, one of which is Twin Falls. A nice overlooks allows visitors to view the small waterfall in the valley below. However, I’ve never seen anyone else there in all the times I’ve visited, despite it being close to a campground.

Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country offers some hidden gems for those who wish to explore.

Fall Colors shine in this Texas Hill Country image taken in Pedernales Falls State Park.

Another colorful section of the Pedernales River is just downstream and around the corner from the actual Pedernales Falls. Just follow the bank along a sandy bar until you find colorful cypress along the banks of the river.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful in the fall. This sunrise image comes from Pedernales Falls State Park in mid-November.

Sunrise over the Pedernales River in Pedernales Falls State Park is a glorious site. Be sure to visit here if you are ever in the Texas Hill Country.

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