I’m ready for springtime, bluebonnets, and the end of cedar fever in the Texas Hill Country!

January 14, 2014

Like the title says, I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for bluebonnets and Texas wildflowers to fill the fields along dirt roads and county roads throughout the Texas Hill Country. I’m ready for all the brown, dead grass to go away and for green to take over. I’m also ready for cedar fever to disappear!

We need rain. In looking at the rain totals throughout the Texas Hill Country and across the state, there were pockets that received quite a bit of rain. At the least, I’m hopeful for an average wildflower season when late March and April finally arrive. If we can coax a few more good rains from the clouds in February and March, we might have a really good wildflower season. Now we just wait.

I also read recently that folks who follow El Nino and La Nina say that models indicate we’ll remain in neutral through the spring, but later models suggest a trend towards El Nino heading into the fall, which would mean a wetter fall and winter for us here in Texas. I guess it is never too early to speculate on weather patterns that are 9 months away 🙂

So as we wait on spring to arrive, here are a few images of our state flower, the bluebonnet. The first comes from Pontotoc, Texas from 2010. The second is a panorama of a field I found at sunset down a dirt road on the border of Mason and San Saba Counties.

This Bluebonnet image comes from the Texas Hill Country in spring.

Bluebonnets surround an old stone building in Pontotoc, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country.

Texas Hill Country bluebonnet image - comes from spring of 2012

A Texas bluebonnet panorama that comes from the Texas Hill Country in the spring of 2012.

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See more bluebonnet images in my bluebonnet gallery.

I also have another bluebonnet gallery here.


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