The Colorado landscape from the Narrow Gauge Railroad

July 25, 2014

Taking a break from the Texas heat, this summer, I’ve been in the Rocky Mountains shooting Colorado wildflowers and landscapes. Some of these photographs are already on my Colorado Images gallery, and many are yet to be posted (feel free to check out these sites). I will update the galleries as I work my way through the photos.

While I was down in the San Juans near Durango, Silverton, and Ouray last week, I had the chance to meet up with my family and, for the first time, ride the Narrow Gauge Railroad and take in the vistas this trip provided.

Great Colorado images and landscapes await you on the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

The Narrow Gauge Railroad offers great views of the Colorado landscape, as well as opportunities to capture unique images.

The Narrow Gauge Railroad allows you to step back in history and enjoy a trek through some of Colorado’s most beautiful landscapes.

The town of Durango was founded by the railroad, and the narrow gauge railroad between Durango and Silverton was constructed in only 9 months – completed in 1881. And if you’ve ridden this train, you’ll know that seems quite a feat. Built to transport gold and silver ore out of the San Juans, it was quickly discovered that this trip offered great views. The 52 mile track follows the Animas River, winding through lush valleys and over high rising rock cuts that allow you to see mountains in all directions. Each way, the train is 3.5 hours and makes for a great way to spend the afternoon. The folks working on the train seemed to be college students (at least the two I talked with) and were both very knowledgeable about the area and willing to share the best turns in the track for photography.

Great opportunities for Colorado landscape photography await you on the Narrow Gauge Railroad in Durango, Colorado.

The Narrow Gauge Railroad winds through the valleys along the Animas River between Durango and Siverton, Colorado.


I’d definitely go back and ride this again, though I’d have to save my money to do so. It is fairly expensive, but worth the splurge. I’d also like to return and ride the photography train in the winter that allows you to photograph the train as it winds through the snowy forest.

I’ll be back with more about this trip, including images from Yankee Boy Basin and the Ice Lakes Hike.

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~ Rob


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