First time photographing the Houston Skyline

October 2, 2014

A few weeks ago I spent some time in the largest city in Texas – Houston – and took the opportunity to photography the Houston skyline. While I was there to do some work for a client, I was able to combine this trip with some exploration as well as time with my family. I made the three hour trip from my home in the Texas Hill Country and battled Houston traffic. I should note here that Tollways in Harris county in southwest Houston do not work like they do in Dallas or Austin. In those two cities, when you use the tollway without a toll tag, you get a bill in the mail a few weeks later – usually between $3.00-$5.00. Just yesterday I received a fine from Harris Country for $37.00 for driving without a toll tag! I had no idea. And with the fine came a nasty letter saying I was banned on that road until I paid the fine. That is both irritating and a little humorous.

Despite the obvious money-grab by that area, we still had a good time. My family and I splurged and spent the weekend at the Embassy Suites in the galleria. My girls loved the galleria – especially the ice skating and the Disney Store. They also liked the swans in the main lobby of the hotel.

As for me, I spent my sunrises and sunsets photographing downtown Houston. With over 2 million folks calling Houston home, I can say traffic was often a gridlock during the week. On Friday night, heading from the hotel to shoot from the rooftop of a location just outside the city, it took me about an hour and twenty minutes to travel just over 7 miles. For a guy used to living in the country, this was a little stressful! Still, I arrived well before sunset and enjoyed some amazing thunderheads hanging out just behind the high rises. The next morning, I returned for a beautiful sunrise.

The middle of the day was spent with my family – swimming, shopping (with me just following them around), and playing around Tinsley Park on the Allen Parkway. I returned to this location that evening and next morning. After exploring this little greenbelt, I settled on a few areas to shoot. That next sunrise, I was rewarded with both a beautiful sunrise as well as a crescent moon rising above the skyline.

This panorama image of downtown Houston, Texas, shows the skyline as storm clouds loom nearby.

The Houston skyline lights up nearby storm clouds in this panorama image of the largest city in Texas.

Overall, it was as successful trip and I look forward to returning. While I won’t be heading to Harris County anytime soon, I can say the rest of the folks we encountered were quite friendly.

For more images, please visit my Houston gallery.

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For Texas wildflowers, I’ve got a gallery dedicated just for those colorful springtime blooms, as well.

Thanks for looking!


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