Rain and Wildflowers

May 16, 2015

A few weeks ago I spent some time in the Texas Hill Country north of Llano. The wildflowers of red and gold covered the fields and I looked forward to a week or two of photographic opportunities. Firewheels were abundant, bitterweed (sweet yellow) were mixed in, and coreopsis (yellow) were beginning to bloom, as well. And then El Nino kicked in. I haven’t returned to this area since early May because it has been rainy and cloudy every day – 10 straight days, I think.

My new wildflower images are posted on my website in this Texas wildflower gallery. Here is one landscape from that area. The light was getting long in the evening and the reds of firewheels filled the pasture in front of a red barn.

Texas wildflowers - red firewheels - enjoy the last light of day on a Texas Hill Country sunset.

Evening falls across a field of firewheels in the Texas Hill Country.

With the continuous rain over the last few weeks, I revisited a few of my Austin photos. One that I really like comes from the pool near the Long Center. I know some folks like black and white and some prefer color. I really like both. This black and white image is a panorama taken about 40 minutes before sunrise. Fog drifted through the downtown area, and everything was still.

Fog drifts through downtown Austin in this early morning black and white panorama.

The Austin skyline in black and white sleeps in the early morning fog.

In the next year, I hope to start offering more one-day photo workshops, but limiting it to just a few people. This is in the plans, and I’d like to use the Texas Hill Country as a base. We’ll see what happens with that, but stay tuned for details.

Thanks for reading. Have a good week, everyone.

~ Rob



Last weekend was just about perfect. I covered a lot of ground in the northern part of the Texas Hill Country. From Llano to San Saba to Brady and back – the highways and dirt roads had a lot to offer. Texas wildflowers were abundant. Sure, the bluebonnets have passed, but they have made way for even more beautiful displays, primarily reds and golds of firewheels and bitterweed. I normally don’t shoot in the middle of the day, but the contrast from red to gold to the blue skies overhead offered a combination I couldn’t pass up. Even with a bit of harsh sunlight, the colors were still quite striking.

Field of Texas Wildflowers in the Hill Country 2

One evening I found the last long light of evening streaming through an old willow tree. Beneath the tree a patch of red firewheels added a splash of color to the sunlight and Texas landscape.

Firewheel Sunlight in the Texas Hill Country 1

If you enjoy wildflowers and the many colors they offer, take a drive before the blooms fade. Highway 71 from Llano to Brady. Cut over to San Saba and take Highway 16 back to Llano. Enjoy some great bbue at Coopers. Explore the dirt roads and only use your GPS to find your way home! 🙂

Happy Travels, Texas.

~ Rob