Summertime – West Texas and Colorado

June 17, 2017

As the summertime weather moves in, it is time for me to head north to the Rocky Mountains. I’m looking forward to working on and adding to my Colorado Images website. I hope to travel around the state for a month or so photographing mountains, towns, and wildflowers – and maybe even the Milky Way if the conditions are right.

I recently spent a week out in west Texas shooting in and around the Davis Mountains. This little state park rests between Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Davis Mountains State Park is small in comparison – only about 2700 acres – but does offer a few trails for hiking and biking. The Skyline Drive Trail boasts some spectacular views of these ancient mountains, and when I was photographing this Texas landscape at sunrise and sunset, I rarely saw another person.

Connected to Davis Mountains S.P. is Fort Davis National Historic Site. You can reach this restored military outpost (manned from 1854 to 1891) by hiking a two mile trail from the Davis Mountains or driving your car to the site’s parking lot. If you hike, the views as you wind down the lava cliffs into the Fort Davis valley are spectacular. Walking the grounds and taking in the exhibits displaying what life was like 150 years ago on the frontier, one can begin to appreciate the harshness of the area and the sacrifices that were made protecting settlers from marauding Indians.

To see a collection of images from this west Texas area, please visit my Images from Texas website.

Thanks, and happy travels!

~ Rob

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