Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph one of the favorite vacation destinations of Texans – Port Aransas, Texas. (Go here all of the newest Port Aransas photos.) This little coastal town is just up the road from Rockport and Corpus Christi and provides a relatively close location for a quick getaway, especially from Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. I tried to shoot at sunrise and sunset each day I was there. I do love walking the beach in the early morning. Even in the summer, you’ll have the stretch of sand mostly to yourself. Of course, the herons and seagulls will be making their morning rounds looking for small fish and sand crabs.

Port Aransas is beautiful at the beginning and end of the day.

The beach at Port Aransas on the Texas coast is a nice place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Here, seagulls soar overhead as the sun sets in the west. Waves roll in gently, reflecting the sunset colors in the soft water and shifting sands.

One of the unique landmarks of the area is the Horace Caldwell Fishing Pier. This wooden structure stretches out 1200 feet into the surf, allowing anglers to put their lines in where the fish are. The pier also makes for a nice foreground when the sun is rising in the east.

Seagulls fly over the beach at Port Aransas, Texas.

The sunrise greeted the Texas coast and Port Aransas with a display of orange and blue on this warm June morning. Seagulls coasted overhead as waves rolled onto the sandy beach. In the distance. Caldwell Pier stretched out 1200 feet into the gulf of Mexico.

One thing I discovered while walking the beach in the afternoon is that seagulls like bread. I made the mistake of tossing up a portion of bread to a hovering seagull. Amazingly, and literally within seconds, twenty or more seagulls flapped around me wanting a handout. While this was amusing, I also realized this would make for a unique photo opportunity. Here is the result:

Blue skies and seagulls enjoy a summer afternoon at Port Aransas, Texas.

Port Aransas has a thriving bird population. Here, seagulls coast along this sandy Texas beach. You can even see a half moon rising in the southeast. I don’t normally shoot much during the day, but I do love the contrast between the seagulls and blue sky.

I do look forward returning again in the fall. There are many more places to see and experience, and more seafood to be enjoyed!

Happy Travels.

~ Rob




Port A and the Texas Coast

October 27, 2013

Last week I had the opportunity to spend several days on the Texas coast. My base was Rockport, Texas, and I was free to shoot in the mornings and evenings. I was blessed with amazing light nearly each time I ventured out.

Rockport was officially established in the 1870s as a shipping port. Its beginnings still are seen, but in today’s world, Rockport sees more tourists than shipping vessels. Also, shrimp boats pull into the harbor at Rockport each morning to unload their nightly catch and feed the hungry gulls that fly around overhead. Just down the road lies Rockport Beach, offering sand and shoreline for tourists and locals alike. You’ll see a large blue stone crab – a monument to honor the area’s local resident (the blue crab) as you enter the beach area. Just a bit further into the beach, you’ll see a sign shaped like a huge oyster shell announcing your arrival in Rockport.

The town is quirky, and if you hit the right establishment, you’ll find the seafood quite tasty. Our favorite when in town is Charlotte Seafare Plummer’s Resturant. I’m sure you’ll find better, but this is good for our tastes.

But back to the photography… here are a few Rockport images from my days there. I hope to return soon. I know my little girls loved building sandcastles, as well!

The Texas Gulf Coast offers many oppurtinities for photographers

Sunrise over Rockport Harbor along the Texas Gulf Coast can be magnificient.

Gulls play along Rockport beach in this Texas Gulf Coast image.

It took patience to capture these gulls along Rockport Beach on a cool October evening.

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